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    IPACC has three core duties which are delivered through our programmes:

    • Promote African indigenous peoples’ human rights and gender equality

    • Promote African indigenous peoples’ rights and participation in environmental conservation and climate justice

    • Sustain and support a regional network of African indigenous peoples’ organisations that is democratic, transparent and effective


Human Rights

Namibia SR Report | 2013

Namibia: Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples in Namibia 2013

Pretoria | 2012

South Africa: Nasionale Werkswinkel oor die Regte en Erkenning van Inheemse Volke

UNPFII Hunter Gatherers Report 2006-2007 | 2007

UNPFII Hunter Gatherers Report 2006-2007

East Africa Report | 2007

Report on projects related to the Environment and Recognition of Hunter Gather Indigenous Peoples in East Africa

Response to Aide Memoire | 2007

Response to Aide Memoire

Memorandum on human rights violations | 2007

Memorandum on human rights violations

ACHPR opinion on UNDRIP | 2007

ACHPR Advisory opinion on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Conference in Lubango | 2007

Angola: First Angolan San Conference press release

Citizen Hadzabe | 2007

Tanzania: Citizen Hadzabe

Briefing Tanzania | 2007

Tanzania: Briefing note on the threat to the Hadzabe people of Tanzania

Africa Group (2006) Aide Memoire | 2006

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: “Draft Aide Memoire” of the African Group 2006

Kenya, Niger Report | 1999

Kenya, Niger: Heritage education for sustainable development: fostering dialogue with and among indigenous communities in Niger and Kenya


IPACC HUGAFO-UN Permanent Forum Report

UNIPACK | 1999

Kenya: UN Indigenous Peoples' Advisory Committee of Kenya

Sengwer Indigenous Peoples | 1999

Statement to EU by Sengwer Indigenous Peoples

ILO Report on South Africa | 1999

South Africa: Indigenous Peoples of South Africa: Current trends

Climate & Environment

Climate Change


Maun Report | 2015

Maun Report: World Heritage in Botswana: Conservation, Development and Human Rights

||Hui!gaeb Report | 2011

African Indigenous Peoples and the UNEP Green Economy Initiative

Bankok, Thailand | 2010

Thailand: Protected Areas, Joint PAEL-TILCEPA workshop on Protected Areas Management Evaluation and Social Assessment of Protected Areas

Dqae Qare, Botswana Report | 2009

Botswana: Plants, Livelihoods and Community Conservation in the Kalahari

UNESCO ESD Report | 2008

Heritage Education for Sustainable development: dialogue with indigenous communities in Africa

East Africa Report | 2007

Report on projects related to the Environment and Recognition of Hunter Gather Indigenous Peoples in East Africa

Lands, Territories and Natural Resources | 2007

IPACC Regional Statement Agenda Item 3, 6th session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Tsumkwe report (AFR) | 2006

Zambia: IPACC Suider-Afrika Streekswerkswinkel oor die Formalisering van Tradisionele Spoorsnykennis

Tsumkwe report | 2006

Nambia: IPACC Southern Africa Regional Workshop on the Formalisation of Traditional Knowledge of Tracking

East, Central and Southern African exchange | 2004

African Indigenous Peoples’ Workshop on Traditional Knowledge, Identity and Livelihoods. Cape Town: IPACC.

Special Rapporteur's communications procedure | 1999

Brochure on Special Rapporteur's communications procedure

World Heritage and Indigenous peoples in Botswana l 2017

World Heritage Sites in Botswana - Indigenous Perspectives


Addis Ababa Call | 2007

Addis Ababa Call

IPACC Lobbying Progress Chart | 2007

IPACC Lobbying Progress Chart

IPACC Report 2005-2006 | 2006

IPACC Report 2005-2006

IPACC Statement | 2006

IPACC Statement 2006