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IPACC announces its newly elected Executive Committee

9 Sep 2012   

Cape Town, South Africa


The Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC) has completed its 7th democratic elections for the 18 members of the Executive Committee. IPACC is one of the largest indigenous peoples' networks in the world, with 138 valid member organisations in 23 countries. 

Due to the size of the network, the last three elections have been done electronically. Each of the six sub-regions of the continent have the opportunity to vote for three people from that sub-region to represent them for three years on the Executive Committee. The three posts are Regional Representative, Deputy Representative and Women's Representative. The elections have two stages, a nomination process. If there are more than three candidates after the nominations, then the members are called on to vote for the candidates. In this election, 5 regions had to go through elections, and one sub-region was able to acclaim its candidates.

The outgoing Executive Committee which met in Bujumbura in June 2012, and agreed to the requesst of members from the Congo Basin to separate the Central Africa region into two sub-regions, the Congo Basin and the Great Lakes. This will improve representation for this region which is one of the fastest growing for IPACC. On this website you will still see the Congo Basin listed as 'Sahel Horn' a subregion which used to have coopted representation. 

The elected members are:

Dr Mohammed HANDAINE, Amazigh, Morocco, North Africa

Mr Lahoucine AMOUZAY, Amazigh, Morocco, North Africa;

Mme Zahia BACHIR, Amazigh, Algeria, North Africa;

Mme Sada ALBACHIR, Tuareg, Niger, West Africa;

M. Mohammed EWANGAYE, Tuareg, Niger, West Africa;

Mme Zahra MOHAMMED-ATTAYOUB, Tuareg, Niger, West Africa;

Mme Hindou OUMAROU IBRAHIM, M'Bororo, Chad, Congo Basin;

M. Jean NGANGA, Babi, Congo Republic, Congo Basin;

Mme ALI Aiishatou, M'Bororo, Congo Republic, Congo Basin;

M. Vital BAMBANZE, Batwa, Burundi, Great Lakes;

M. Joseph Itongwa, Bambuti, DR Congo, Great Lakes;

Mme Marthe MUHAWENIMANA, Rwanda, Great Lakes;

Mr Edward POROKWA, Maasai, Tanzania, East Africa;

Mr Simon PARKESUI, Ogiek, Kenya, East Africa;

Mrs Agnes LEINA, SAMBURU, Kenya, East Africa;

Mr David SINGONHI, Khwe, Namibia, Southern Africa

Mr Thaddeus CHEDAU, Khwe, Namibia, Southern Africa

Ms Ossia MANGUMBA, !Xun, South Africa, Southern Africa


The results were monitored and confirmed by an Independent Electoral Observer. 




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