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  2013 Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Namibia
  Post Date: 26 Jul '13
  In this report, the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya, examines the human rights situation of indigenous peoples in the Republic of Namibia on the basis of research and information gathered, including during a visit to the country from 20 to 28 September 2012.
  Cop18 - Doha Side Event Flyer
  Post Date: 21 Nov '12
  Cop18 - Doha Side Event Flyer
  Report on Participatory 3D Modelling in Baïbokoum, Chad, August 2012
  Post Date: 21 Nov '12
  Influencing regional policy processes in Climate Change Adaptation through the interaction of African pastoralist traditional knowledge and meteorological science. A Contribution to the Nairobi Work Programme on Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation.
  We Have Faith - Recommendation to Cop 18
  Post Date: 19 Nov '12
  Recommendation of African Faith Leaders on the occasion of the 18th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate
  We Have Faith - Statement to Cop 18
  Post Date: 19 Nov '12
  Statement on the 18th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  African Indigenous Peoples and REDD+
  Post Date: 8 May '12
  Human rights, equity and forest carbon capture in climate mitigation
  African Indigenous Peoples and the UNEP Green Economy Initiative
  Post Date: 6 May '12
  African Indigenous Peoples and the UNEP Green Economy Initiative - ||Hui!gaeb Report* on Green Economy, Equity & Green Governance
  N’Djamena Declaration
  Post Date: 2 Dec '11
  N'djamena Declaration on Adaptation to Climate Change, Indigenous Pastoralism, Traditional Knowledge and Meteorology in Africa - November 2011
  IPACC Recommendation to UNFCCC Cop17
  Post Date: 29 Nov '11
  IPACC Recommendations to UNFCCC COP17 - Durban, South Africa - December 2011
  COP17 African Traditional Ecological Knowledge Flyer
  Post Date: 29 Nov '11
  COP17 - Recommendations on the importance of African Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a foundation for appropriate and effective National Adaptation Policies
  COP17 Mitigation Flyer - REDD+
  Post Date: 29 Nov '11
  Recommendations on Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation and Ecosystems Conservation - REDD+
  COP17 Sticker
  Post Date: 25 Nov '11
  Knowledge, Adaptation, Mitigation, Green Economy
  Report on Participatory 3D Modelling Workshop - Gabon
  Post Date: 11 Oct '11
  Representing the Abongo-Mitsogho cultural landscape of the Ikobey Commune and Waka National Park - 22 September to 3 October 2010
  IPACC Statement to COP 15
  Post Date: 5 Dec '09
  IPACC leaders from East and Central Africa met in Bujumbura, Burundi in late October 2009. The leadership from Gabon, Cameroon, Chad, Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo, Uganda and Kenya have prepared a statement for COP15, dealing with both adaptation and mitigation.
  Fact or Fiction - Cop15 Sticker
  Post Date: 4 Dec '09
  COP15 Sticker
  Plants, Livelihoods and Community Conservation in the Kalahari
  Post Date: 4 Dec '09
  In March 2009, GDF and IPACC collaborated with the Kuru Family of Organisations (KFO) to offer a workshop on international multilateral instruments and plant resources to its members in southern Africa.
  A Pan African Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Adaptation & Mitigation
  Post Date: 4 Dec '09
  The working conference had as its principal theme to learn about the science of adaptation and mitigation, and related issues of biodiversity conservation issues in the context of United Nations’ climate change negotiations.
  African Indigenous Peoples' Workshop on Effective Use of Information Communication Technology in Environmental Advocacy
  Post Date: 5 Nov '09
  Second Edition: The focus of the Windhoek conference was a sharing of experiences of how mapping and other participatory applications of geo-spatial information technology (GIT) can help empower indigenous peoples and rural communities to protect biodiversity and the natural resources on which they are reliant.
  Heritage Education for Sustainable Development: Dialogue with Indigenous Communities in Africa
  Post Date: 5 May '09
  Project Results Assessment with Final Documentation and Reporting - Heritage Education for Sustainable Development: Dialogue with Indigenous Communities in Africa
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IPACC's New Council of Elders
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- 16 Jul 2015 -
From Lima to Paris: the road to COP21
Climate change is a major threat to the survival of indigenous peoples in Africa. It is also an opportunity for indigenous peoples to be involved in national policy making. In December 2014, the 20th ...
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